The Reds Sure Like To Paint!!!

We make make numerals and write numerals and trace numerals and sing songs about numerals.
Ask your Red about “Down and over and down some more…” or “Around a tree and around a tree….”

Nursery rhymes are a hit as well. Coloring, reciting, felt story boards, and other ways of telling the stories help the Reds to remember them. When we all get good at it we get to recite alone out loud through the microphone. So much fun!!!

One of the favorite activities in the Red Room is painting with our hands. We are learning about primary colors and what happens when they mix together. Work has begun on our large rainbow made of paper plates. Ask your Red to show you where it is, and maybe what color is next.

Watermelon Day inspired us to do something else with paper plates. Crayons, paints, and more crayons. Who needs brushes?

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