August Already?!?

Well, July sure happened quickly. We are really starting to get in the groove of Red Puffin life, and it is a lot of fun. Here are some snaps from the last week of learning fun.

These next few are of the Reds doing portraits of the caterpillars. This week we will do chrysalis portraits, and maybe next week, butterflies!!! 

Writing on the wall is soooo much fun. They love erasing the wall at the end of the day as well. Such great helpers. How about at home? Do you let them help with chores around the house? 


All of the letters have poems to go along with them. Ask your Red about “Top start, slant down, monkey tail…..”

Play dough is a real hit!!!
Our numbers have poems too!!!
“Around the tree and around the tree, that’s the way to….” 

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