Hello Blue Puffin Parents!
Wow these past few weeks have been quite the exciting roller coaster! We are all getting adjusted to the routines of the day, creating new relationships, and learning something new everyday. We are now entering our third week of our Plant Theme (along with the Author Eric Carle) and we are loving all the fun learning and activities that go along with these amazing themes. Here are a few pictures of when the children made their “Grouchy Ladybugs” and mixing paint together, using stamps, to create a colorful page, used to make the “Mixed Up Chameleon” picture.

For our Plant Theme, we did many paper crafts, explored soil in our sensory table (with toy bugs, planter cups, shovels and rakes, and fake flowers), planted green bean seeds, made dirt babies with grass seeds, tasted a variety of apples during our learning of Johnny Apple Seed, ate a yummy treat of dirt, mud, and worms (made of pudding, crushed Oreo cookies, and gummy worms), tried a variety of fruits and veggies in order to see that we can eat the same parts in food, that plants have (stem, flower, roots, and leaves), explored with an arrangement of real flowers, leaves and other nature items, made homemade applesauce, and read a great deal of plant books. It has been an exciting theme that the children have loved!

And finally, we can’t forget about our cooling, wet, and fun Water Day! The children had a blast splashing in pools, going down the slide into the pools, playing with water toys, running through the sprinkler, and sunbathing in the hot sun. It was a great day that started off with a picnic, an educational Magical School Bus video about water, and then fun, fun, fun in the sun and water. But words can’t describe the exciting day they had, take a look at these cuties!

I love to take pictures of your wonderful children (and I have plenty more pictures), so keep checking in to see what fun we’re having in school and the final days of our Plant Theme! Next week we will start a new theme – Butterflies!

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