Mr. Spiegel and the Red Puffins Post Number 1!!!!!


Hello Red Puffin parents!! We are off to a wonderful start to the year. I will try to post here regularly to keep you all up to date on what we have been up to. I enjoy taking pictures, though it can be tough to find a free, non-instruction filled moment to do so. I’m sure that as your wonderful children get more into the classroom routines those moments will grow and grow.

About a week ago I was able to take some pictures of the Red Puffins mixing yellow and blue to make….GREEN!!! We’ve been talking about primary colors, and we had a great time mixing the colors ourselves and covering paper plates in green for our very hungry caterpillar class art project that is currently in the works. We could talk all we wanted about what color we would get when we mixed two others, but boy did they all get it when they got their hands in it. And they were all pretty happy to get their hands in it. Proof below!!

The Red Puffins were also pretty excited to have the run of the school last week on water day. After a lovely picnic style lunch out on the playground they got suited up for splashing around. They experimented with different tools and toys, soaked in the cool water on a hot day, and relaxed on their towels after lots of running around. I’m guessing they slept really well that night (some were nodding off on their towels!!). I believe we will have more water days this summer when the bigger kids go on field trips. Hooray for water!!!

More pictures, more posts, and much more fun to come. Stay tuned!!!!

-Mr. Spiegel

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