Lower School Teachers

Ms. Katie Hughes

Blue Puffin Teacher

Ms. Hughes joined the CLASS Academy faculty in August 2015. A native of Eugene, OR, Katie’s education has focused on Early Childhood Education. She’s been “working with kids her whole life” as her mother was an Early Childhood Educator as well. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, making jewelry, and is an talented pyrographer.

Ms. Ashley Peterson

Red Puffin Teacher

Ms. Peterson joined the CLASS Academy faculty in April 2015. A native of Portland, Ms. Peterson studied Elementary Education at Portland State University. She enjoys teaching because she loves seeing the “light bulb” go off when children are learning something exciting. In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking, playing games, making art, and spending time with family and friends.

Mr. Caleb Spiegel

Discovery Rockets Teacher

Mr. Spiegel joined the CLASS Academy faculty in June 2015. He has lived in Portland since 1990 and spent 20 years touring the country as a professional musician. After leaving the music industry he graduated from Lewis & Clark College and found a calling in teaching young children. “Teaching kids how to learn for themselves is incredibly rewarding for me,” he says. “It’s like lighting a fuse and watching them take off under their own power.” He is a married father of one and enjoys family time and soccer in his free time.

Mr. Jeffrey Cannon

Challenger Rocket Teacher / Music Director

Mr. Cannon, a native of Buffalo, NY, has been a teacher at CLASS Academy since September 2012. After completing a M.S. in Education, he moved to Portland and joined the CLASS Academy family. He enjoys seeing children leave his classroom with knowledge and experience. Mr. Cannon loves music, singing, and being outdoors.

Mrs. Carol Irvin

Mrs. Carol Irvin

Polar Bear Teacher

Mrs. Irvin, a California native, graduated from George Fox with M.S. in Education. Mrs. Irvin taught at CLASS from 2004-2008 and returned to our faculty in 2014. She enjoys teaching because she loves setting a solid foundation for students. She loves the sense of wonder that young children posses. In her free time she enjoys playing her Celtic harp, baking, going to museums, and taking road trips.

Mrs. Jamie Murphy

Grizzly Bear Teacher 

Mr. Lamont Dabbs

Mr. Lamont Dabbs

Art Teacher

Mr. Dabbs, a native of Hawaii, has been a teacher at CLASS Academy since July 2003. He is a graduate of Gonzaga University with a B.A. in Education/Art. He enjoys teaching because the children are always upbeat and can always make him laugh. Mr. Dabbs is not only a great artist, but loves to cook, play basketball, and spend time with his wife and son.

Mr. Alex Cole

Substitute Teacher

Mr. Cole, a native of Portland, has been apart of the CLASS Academy student support team since 2010. He has been a member of our teaching faculty since 2014. He enjoys working with children in order to see them learn and expand their perspective of the world. In his free time he is Reserve Police Officer and volunteers for various costume charities for kids.