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April 3rd is The Egg Hunt and April 13th is the beginning of The Book Fair.
Bring in your egg bags and start saving your allownce!

The conversation topic of the week is:
Continents and Oceans

The Dragons have a new behavior chart that visually shows them how they are behaving each day.

Here is how it works.

Everyday the students of the class start the day in the green “Ready to Learn Square.”

If the student is following the procedures and expectations of the class they have the opportunity to move their clothespin up the vertical chart. This usually happens if the student is showing proper behavior when the majority of the class is not. 

If the student is not following the rules of CLASS Academy, Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Have Fun, or are not following the procedures and expectations of the Dragons Class they will be asked to lower their name on the vertical chart.
At the end of homework table the student will color in the “Practice spelling words Box/Parent Initials Box” with the color of the chart that they landed on at the end of the day.

It is possible to be in “Parent Contact” in the beginning of the day and then turn the behavior around and be in “Extra Recess” by the end of homework table.

The “Teacher Choice Box” is when I, Mr. Butler, decide if they need to fill out a problem solving worksheet that outlines: the poor choice the student made, what they should have done instead of making the poor choice, why that choice is a poor choice, and what the student plans to do to make restitution for their poor choice. Most of the time, the problem solving worksheet gets sent home to be signed by a parent. 

The next day all students begin again, starting on the green “Ready to Learn Box” and the students who made it into the “Extra Recess”box enjoy 15min of extra recess with the Cohos and Chinooks. The remaining students continue on with our normal schedule, 15min of silent reading.

Gratuitous Dragon Photos to follow. Ask your student what they remember about the photos.

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