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Welcome new Coho and Chinook Parents,

This is the first blog entry for the year.

We will use the blog to:

1. Update you on new curriculum.

2. Inform you of important dates or events.

3. Share pictures of class activities.

This week’s entry will include a bit of everything.

Coho MATH:

In math this month the students have been reviewing multiplication. The Coho’s have been working on their skip counting and double digit times single digit. Some of the Coho’s have been working on triple and double digit multiplication.

We have also been working on rounding numbers. This week we will be moving on to what Nominal, Ordinal, and Cardinal numbers are. We have also been reviewing area and perimeter of a rectangle.

Chinook MATH: The Chinooks have also been working on rounding and estimating, along with reviewing of division and multiplication. The Chinooks did a cool project where they estimated the growth of an object using both the standard and metric units. They will now be moving into basic statistics. They will work on mean, median, mode and range.

Chinook READING:

In reading class this month we have been reading The Sign of the Beaver. Our goal is to read about four chapters a week. Your student should be reading out load to you every night. There is a great deal of vocabulary in this book that your student is unfamiliar with. The vernacular is also unique and could trouble your student. You should be asking both comprehension and vocabulary questions to make sure that your student is understanding the reading to their fullest.


Reading – In reading, the Cohos are reading either Gooseberry Park or Charlotte’s Web. Both stories have some very rich vocabulary, in addition to spelling words, that should be discussed at home nightly.

WRITING: The Chinooks’ writing theme this unit is a narrative piece. The Chinooks will be creating a story that tells what happens to Ben, from The Sign of the Beaver, after he leaves Matt’s cabin.

History – The Cohos are learning about Northwest Coast Native American families. The students will begin comparing their family life to that of a Native American’s life in clothing, tradition, family roles, and food. The students will then create a family tree.
The Chinooks have learned about community among the Northwest Coast Native Americans and will continue on into the community formed during the building of Portland. The students with be creating a book that tells the history of Portland, OR.

ICT – The Cohos and Chinooks are developing their typing skills using Mavis Beacon.
The Chinooks, who have a year of typing skills under their belt are moving into internet search skills. They are using teacher designed sites to locate information and answer questions.

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