CLASS Academy’s Parent Association

CAPA  is a non-profit, parent run organization that supports CLASS Academy in many ways. CAPA financially supports our school’s curriculum budget, purchases playground and gym material, provides healthy student snacks, teacher appreciation gifts, and much more. All parents become members of CAPA upon their students’ enrollment.

There are two annual CAPA requirements for each family:

1) $230 annual CAPA dues for families with one child ($345 per family with two or more children)

2) 20 CAPA Parent Hours are required per family. These hours can be accomplished in many different ways. Some include:

  • Volunteering at Maintenance Days (one Saturday per month here at school)
  • Assisting during student lunches (11:30am – 12:30 each week day)
  • Assisting with annual CAPA Auction event
  • Chaperoning during student field trips

3) $55 annual school supply fee per child

4) $20 one-time emergency kit fee per child

Please contact the office to volunteer for any of these options or for other ways to complete your CAPA hours.

Maintenance Days

One Saturday every month, parents and staff get together to eat pastries and clean up the school! All parents are asked to commit to 3-4 maintenance days per year (or donate $75 to the building maintenance fund) so mark your calendar early and make sure you set aside time to help out!

Note: All maintenance days occur on a Saturday from 9am – 1pm. Dates are subject to change and parents will be notified of any changes. Please see the calendar for current dates.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Mr. Lucas, Mr. ButlerMr. Cannon, or Mr. Dougherty.

2016/2017 CAPA Officers

Mary Costantino

Aparna Srinivasan
Vice President

Jennifer Beres

Erin Johnson
Secretary, Board Member

Michael Funke
Board Member

Aarti Choudhari
Board Member

Carrie Lucas-Knowlton
Board Member

Shanelle Lucas
Board Member

Bing Theobald
Board Member

Eve Logsdon
Board Member

Darshika Shah
Board Member